Research Area

Research Area

Our primary research area is the development of newer Food Products and Nutraceuticals (Nutrition based products) which can potentially build/boost the active and passive immunity in human individuals. This will also help to stabilize the exaggerated immunity. Another area of our research is the development of newer products for tissue/organ regeneration from Food Products and Nutraceuticals (Nutrition based products). Basically, regenerative medicines restore the damages to tissues and organs caused by factors such as hypoxia, trauma, infection, chemical metabolic disorder, and Auto-immunity.

Research Area and Product Science

‘‘Immuregen’’ contains the immune factors and growth factors which have broad-spectrum therapeutic applications. ‘Immuregen’ has shown extraordinary potential for boosting immunity and developing cellular/tissue regeneration process in diseased individuals.

We provide an innovative product called ‘‘Immuregen’’. The word ‘Immuregen’ is derived by combining the two words, i.e. ‘Immu’ and ‘Regen’. The word ‘Immu’ stands for immunity and ‘Regen’ for regeneration. The basic content of ‘Immuregen’ is colostrum’s derived immune and growth factors. As these factors are present in very small amount i.e. from microgram to milligram level, the method of colostrum collection, immunoglobulin content, heavy metal content, and bacterial content remain the critical constraint for the quality of the product. The ‘‘Immuregen’’ is a quality product which is passed through the multiple quality control tests to establish and ensure its total immunoglobulin contents and control over bacterial and heavy metal contents.

The survival of human and all bios of this planet are possible due to their acquired or passive immunity. Recent scientific reports confer that the immunity of human individuals decreasing gradually due to the adaptation of modern lifestyle. Individuals with weakened immunity are more susceptible to infectious diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa etc. The discovery of ‘Antibiotic’ is an important landmark in therapeutics, and is responsible for the decrease in death rate caused by acute microbial infection. However, evolved pathogenic microbes overcome the immune power of an individual and infect them. Therefore, boosting the individual’s immunity is one of the best viable options to stay away from the various infections.

There are some Phytopharmaceuticals , Nutraceuticals and drugs which help in stimulating and regaining the immune power. In the process to explore them, we observed that immunoglobulin along with growth factors which are an integral part of the Colostrum play crucial role in improving the human immunity. Based on this finding, we developed an innovative product called ‘‘Immuregen’’, which is a really ideal positive modulator of active and passive immunity in human beings.

The cell injury is a primary outcome of many diseases and disorders. The cell injury can be mild, moderate or severe depending on the cause of injury (i.e. hypoxia, trauma, infection, metabolic disorder, and Auto-immune disease etc.). Normally, the regenerative power of individual constantly works to neutralize and recover the cellular damage and maintain the homeostasis. But in some instances, the failure in regeneration mechanism may lead to irreversible cell/tissue damage. This results in compromised organ function/dysfunction and eventually may cause prolonged illness or even death of a person.

Regenerative medicine is an emerging concept in the field of medicine which focuses to restore tissue/organ damage caused by various factors. In nature, there are some Phytopharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals, which have a great potential to normalize or to bring back the tissue repairment mechanism from acute and chronic injury. In addition, these medicinal components help to boost stamina, inhibit aging process, and maintain youthfulness. In the study, we have observed that growth factors (in Colostrum) have outstanding regenerative potential in cell injury.