Anticancer Immunity Booster Product Pack

Anticancer Immunity Booster

Natural, safe, and side effect free way to fight with cancer. Scientifically it has been proven that Immunity plays a vital role in the management of cancer. Recent research studies confirm that the formation, multiplication, and spread of cancer are occurs due to the malfunction of immunity and cancer surveillance mechanism within the human body. Selective stimulation of our own anti-cancer immune components and caner surveillance mechanism of the human body is known as Immunotherapy. Nowadays it is the most accepted way to manage/control cancers. Other therapy like chemotherapy kills all the cells of the body hence associated with an intolerable side effect. Anticancer Immunity Booster selectively boosts immunity against cancers and heals the damages hence not associated with side effects and increases strength and stamina.

Cancer Cells Destroying Mechanism

  • It helps to stimulate our own Anti-cancer immunity and increases strength.
  • It helps selectively kills cancer cells, restores damages, decreases weakness and fatigue.
  • It increases effectiveness and decreases the side effects of Chemotherapy by restoring damages.
  • Helps in all stages of cancers.
  • It prevents and decreases the side effect of other therapy (Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy) like Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Hair loss, Anemia, Loss of appetite, Fatigue, Fever, Mouth sores, Pain, Constipation, Easy bruising, Bleeding.
  • Better tolerated and accepted by patients.
  • It helps to prevent the relapse of cancer.

  • Effect on type and stages of cancer

    Anticancer Immunity Booster as its strengthen Anticancer Immunity and heal the damages so it is helpful against all form of cancers. Doses are varying with different stages of cancer.

  • Effect with Chemotherapy

    Healing action of Anticancer Immunity Booster help to decreases the side effect of chemotherapy and increases the effectiveness against dormant (sleeping) cancer cells.

  • Content of Anticancer Immune Booster

    It’s basically contains three Herbal products. Which activate human immunity against cancer, heal the damages and strengthen the body.

  • Along with other medicine system

    Its compatible with other cancer drugs, Homeopathic treatment and Allopathic medicines.

  • Effectivity of Anticancer Immune Booster

    It can be used alone or in combination with other therapy. It enhances the
    effectiveness of other therapy like chemotherapy, radiotherapy & surgery.

  • Side effects

    Some patients may feel blotting (gases formation) and diarrhea. Herbal Immunotherapy also improves the function of liver, kidney and improve metabolism so patients appetite may increases

  • Effectiveness of Anticancer Immunity Booster in different types of cancer

    Anticancer Immunity Booster stimulates our own anticancer immunity. So it is a generalized mechanism help to fight against all types of cancer.

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