About Us

Welcome to Regen Health

We at RegenHealth Life Science Private Ltd. is a Team of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Pharmacologists, and Clinicians who are actively working to unlock the therapeutic potential of various Phytopharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals components in newer disease segments by exploring their efficacy and safety in various human pathological conditions. Scientifically, allthese efforts work on the principle of therapeutic repositioning (switching) for medicinal products.

RegenHealth constantly strives to provide the potential use of Phytopharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals products in various therapeutic segments to achieve the unmet need of patients at an affordable cost. We as an organization believes in high ethical and social value work for patient welfare Identification of Pharmacological / therapeutic actions, clinical experiences, finding of new therapeutic benefits, Effective combinations and development of formulations are our key Specialty.

Our Focus Therapeutics area is:

  • Regeneration (Regenerative actions): Every diseases and in acute injuries, regeneration and repairs of the cells and tissue determine recovery of patients. Regeneration a Potent and broad spectrum mechanism, which neutralize damages from any cause and restore normal physiological functions.
  • Caner Immune boosters: Immune components which are counter act cancers cells. In other words this also known as Anti-cancer immune booster or Immunotherapy.
  • Balancing Auto-immunity
  • Wound Healing

Our Members The core team is directed by Mr. Kiran B., Dr. Arun B. and Vikas K.

Mr. Kiran B.

He is an Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Pharmacology in state Pharmacy College. He has vast teaching experience to students of Doctor of Pharmacy,Master of Pharmacy , and Bachelor of Pharmacy in the subjects of Pharmacology, Toxicology, Pathophysiology, and Medicine.

Dr. Arun B.

Dr. Arun B. is Ph.D. graduate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. Currently, he is engaged in the discovery of new Chemical Entity (NCEs) and exploring new uses of existing drugs for neuronal disorders.

Mr. Vikas K.

Mr. Vikas K. is M.Tech. (Pharm.) graduated in Pharmaceutical Technology (Biotechnology) from the NIPER, Mohali. He has sound knowledge in fermentation, upstream and downstream processing of enzymes, along with this enzyme assay method development and enzyme kinetics.